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Scanning Services and Document Conversion Done Right

Reduce paper clutter by storing information on your computer. At K-Tap Document Imaging, LLC, in Severna, Maryland, we do it all for you. We offer scanning services, document conversion, and quality control inspection, and document scanning to be converted to or from PDF Format, TIF format, or JPG format.

Document Preparation

Let us do everything necessary to prepare your documents for scanning. We remove staples and paper clips, repair torn and crumpled pages, and cut booklets or pamphlets.

Document Scanning

Scanning involves converting paper documents to digital images. We make scans in black and white (bi-tonal), color, or gray scale, with sizes ranging from 3" x 5" through 12" x 24". Our equipment allows for automatic and manual feeding of documents, as well as simplex and duplex image enhancement.

Quality Control Inspection

To keep everything in order, all files created are named and indexed for proper archiving and management. We export by converting the files to the format that you want.

 Thumb Drive

Document Delivery

We transfer files to a high-quality CD or a thumb drive. If you prefer, we provide digital delivery via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Keeping Your Documents Orderly and Secure

Document imaging saves you space and secures your files on the computer. These files can be easily duplicated for backups or for information dissemination purposes.

Auxiliary Services

To complement source document imaging solutions, we also utilize Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) for use in Enterprise Report Management (ERM) systems. We also offer additional services like CD duplication and custom labeling. Please contact us for pricing information.

Time-Proven Expertise

At K-Tap Document Imaging, LLC, your documents are in great hands. We have been in the industry since 1974 and are proud to be the locals' choice for quality document solutions.